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Introducing Linda! :)

Introducing Linda! :)
All the staff, Richard, Mary and Natalie have been exceedingly patient and  helpful throughout my purchases (and a couple of returns/refunds!)
I researched wig companies and came across VALENTINE, read reviews and had to start somewhere. A few months before I had bought from a qualified and respected trichologist who had spent a lot of time helping me with basic information eg cap construction, style, colour type of hair. I purchased from her but couldn't afford a second wig. When I found VALENTINE, with their prices and returns policy it was a no brainer. I had originally enquired about and subsequently bought a wig because my hair had thinned over the last 15 years due to few factors,  a liver condition which can affect hair growth and condition,  being widowed suddenly and the menopause . 
I felt that no matter how well I groomed myself and dressed, my hair always let my appearance down. It was the best thing, I should have been bold enough to do it a few years ago, I feel like a new person, it makes the effort of getting ready worthwhile when I look in the mirror. I was apprehensive, going to work for the first time amongst my female colleagues, but they were amazingly complimentary and we even had our little jokes about it, all in good humour.
Old and new acquaintances alike say how it has taken years off me and a couple have admitted to being quite envious. 
I would only ever wear lace front for the completely natural look, (we joke" you can't even see the join!") And dark rooted. I bought my Ellen Wille Stay Perucci wig in caramel rooted at first because it was most like my natural colour and would - be style if my own hair was in good condition.  I then fancied a change of colour and went to a light champagne rooted, slightly greying and  elegant . Getting more adventurous my last was safranred rooted a reddish/ Auburn. All the same style/ model. So depending on the outfit depends on the choice of colour. 
I did order a couple of different styles but didn't suit, I contacted Richard and by agreement and excellent customer service received a full refund upon receipt.  
Later in July I abseiled the spinnaker tower in Portsmouth 550 ft. High to raise money for our local hospice. When they kitted me out in suit and helmet, I whispered to the lady that I would need to remove the headgear afterwards because of my hair!! Unawares she radioed through to the chap at the bottom of the tower to warn him. He winked at me and said" I've got this, don't worry". It could have been a horrible shock for the photographers! Had I not warned them. 
Last section (thank god, I hear you sigh) - lockdown, my garden has never been so manicured and weed free. I have read a crime novel that has been on my bookcase for 3 years unopened, eating the odd chocolate, in my caramel rooted style. I've been enjoying BBQ's in my safranred, flaming hot work! And finally celebrated my lockdown birthday with a glass of bubbly in my light champagne colour.

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