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If you are unsure what head size you are, it is a good idea to measure your head so you can order the correct size of wig.  The average adult female size is 54-56cm.  This is the standard size of wig, which most are supplied.  There are adjustable straps inside the wig that you can tighten or loosen for extra comfort.

Wigs also come in large 58cm, petite (small) 50-52cm, ultra petite (child) 48cm.

Flatten your hair down and use a soft measuring tape. Do not pull the tape measure, just rest it over or around your head, pulling stretches the tape and will give you the wrong size.

Circumference: Start at the front of your head at the hairline in the centre, place the start of the tape flat against your head. Feeding the tape through your fingers and around your head, going down to the nape then back up around the opposite side of your head returning back to the front. This is the circumference of your head. Always measure in centimetres.

Front to Nape: Measure your head from the nape over the crown to the top of your forehead where your natural hairline is.

Ear to Ear: Measure your head from the top of one ear, over the crown to the top of the other ear.

The front of the wig should settle into your natural hairline, four fingers above your eyebrows and it should come down to natural hairline at the back (nape).

Head circumference measurement
Front to nape measurement
Ear to ear measurement
Front to Nape
Ear to Ear
Cap Size  Ear to Ear  Front to Nape  Circumference  Temple to Temple 
Small 11” (28cm) 14 (35.5cm) 21 (53cm) 14.5 (37cm)
Medium 11.5 (29cm) 14.5 (37cm) 22 (56cm) 15 (38cm)
Large 12 (30.5cm) 15 (38cm) 23 (58cm) 15.5 (39.5cm)
X Large 12.5 (31.5cm) 15.5 (39.5cm) 24 (61cm) 16 (40.5cm)

If you find you are in between measurements then go for the larger of the two otherwise the wig will slide off. You can always alter areas to a smaller size.

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