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Style-Able Effortless™ Synthetic Fiber
Black 1 Black 
Black Mix 1B/BURG   Black with Burgandy 
Brunettes  10R Medium Light Brown 
Brunettes  12R Light Golden Brown
Black Mix 2/4R Very Dark Brown with Highlights 
Brunettes  24/18T Dark Ash Blonde
Brunettes 27/25/88 Auburn Blend Highlighted
Brunettes 27/30/33 Dark Auburn Bright Auburn Blend Rooted Dark Brown
Brunettes  4/6R Dark Brown 
Brunettes  6/28  Medium Dark Brown Light Auburn Highlights
Brunettes  8R Medium Brown 
Brunettes  829H Medium Brown Red Highlights 
Brunettes  747T  Dark Brown Medium Red
Reds 10/130R Bright Red Rooted Medium Brown
Reds 27/30/33H Auburn Blend Highlighted 
Reds 32/31 Medium Red Auburn Blend 
Reds 33R Dark Auburn 
Reds 33/30 Copper Red & Medium  Auburn  3 tone 
Blonde 14/26/10 Red Blonde Gold Blonde Highlights Rooted Light Brown 
Blonde 17/23/R8 Beige Blonde Auburn Blend Rooted Medium Brown
Blonde 22R Dark Golden Blonde 
Blonde 223/23C Light Golden Blonde
Blonde 23R   Platinum Blonde
Blonde 24/102/R12 Gold Blonde Platinum Highlights Rooted Gold Brown 
Blonde 613/1001/R18

Vanilla Blonde White Grey Rooted Ash Brown

Blonde 88 Platinum White 
Greys 44/56/60  Dark grey 
Greys 38/51/60 Light Grey 
Greys 52/38/49/R8 3 Tone Grey Rooted Brown
Greys 56/60/R8 Lightest Grey Blend Rooted Medium Brown
Greys  1001 White Grey 
Greys 60R Silver Grey 
Rooted 33/130/R4 Dark Auburn Blend Rooted Dark Brown


Modacrylic Effortless Synthetic Colours


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