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All our parcels are sent discreetly packaged. You can be assured that we carefully protect your privacy when you receive our products.


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Is it your first time to wear a wig? Or are you a frequent user of it? Whichever you are, the first thing you should know is to how to wear a wig properly. Putting on a wig just doesn’t end upon putting it around your head and hiding your natural hair under them and maybe putting some bobby pins so it won’t fall off. It’s not that easy, but if you practice, then you’ll be able to do it the right way. It’s important for a wig-user to have knowledge because if not done properly,it may cause the wig to wiggle while you move, or worse, fall off. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

The first thing to know is to what kind of wig and what are they made of are you planning to wear? There are three kinds of wig; the full lace, the partial or front lace, and the non-lace. The full lace is made with a lace mesh cap around it which gives a more natural looking hairline. It also allows more comfort because it breathes more. The front lace is cheaper than the full lace because instead of having a lace mesh all around, it is only found at the front. They are also hard to style because of the way they are made and they don’t really give you a natural looking hairline. Another kind is the non-lace, these wigs are cheaper than the full lace and the front lace but they are more durable than those of two. The only downside is that they are made of nylon mesh so they don’t really give you a natural looking hairline. Wigs are also made from two different materials; the human hair and synthetic hair. Each wig types and materials used have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is only up to the user to decide which suits them better. The next thing to know is to what materials you need to wear a wig. Some of the materials are easy and you could find them within your household. Go grab these; a fine toothed comb, make-up brush, wig cap, wig glue, scalp protector, some bobby pins and of course, your wig.

So now that you have your materials, first you need to fix your hair so when you put on your wig it won’t be uneven. You need to make sure that your entire hairline is pulled back so it won’t be visible under the wig.

Next is you need to make sure that your skin is oil-free so wipe your skin with a cotton with an alcohol solution then apply a scalp protector to the areas around your scalp. This protects your skin from irritation.

Now, wear wig cap, carefully stretch the cap over your head and make sure all of your hair is underneath it.

Put on several bobby pins around it to secure the cap.

Grab now a make-up brush and dip some wig glue and apply a thin layer around your hairline. Leave it for a few minutes to dry.

Now you’re ready to put on your wig. Put the wig over your head and lay it down on your scalp then gently pull the rest of the wig over your head. To know if the wig is wrapped around your head securely, try jumping and flipping your hair,if it wiggles then you need to add bobby pins around them. After making sure it’s secure, use a fine-toothed comb to fix the wig and you may now style it however you want it.

One of girls’ dilemma in choosing a wig is to what colour to buy. Before buying a wig, take into consideration these things: how often will you wear it, why you’ll wear it and if it matches you. If you’re going to buy a wig that’s for everyday casual use, you might want to stick to your natural hair colour. But if you dare to be bold or just wearing it for disguise or impersonate someone,you could choose bright coloured wigs. But what really is a perfect wig colour for you?

Skintone. It all depends on this. To be able to know which colour to get, know first your skin tone. Stand in a natural light and grab or face a mirror.Observe your face (make sure it’s make-up free), do you have a warm, yellow tone or a pinkish cool tone? If you’ve already identified your skin tone, you can now choose a wig colour that will complement your hair and skin. People with warm skin tones like brown, golden and olive should opt for wigs in chestnut, auburn and golden brown. When buying a wig with golden shades, choose something that is darker than your skin colour but not too much. For those with cool tones, such as dark brown and pale, should go for wigs in black, brown and blonde. Choosing yellow, gold and bronze is a mistake you should not make.

But if you want to go for a bright coloured wig like blue, yellow and red would look great on someone with a fair white skin. For people with dark skin tones,such as brown, wearing pink, violet, and green wigs would be perfect for you.

It’s important for someone to choose the perfect wig colour for them before buying one. It will save you a lot of money and time. It’s also hassle-free yet it could also be something that will give you shame. So if you’re a bit unsure which wig colour to pick, you can always ask us! We’ll always be here to help you out!

Gone are the days when wearing a wig was something funny and shameful, when women hid their wigs in trunks. In this generation, it’s not unusual to be caught wearing a wig. Some are wearing them for fashion, to conceal their natural hair, for disguise and even just for a change of hairstyle. Almost everywhere you can buy a wig, from different styles, colours, prices and even what its material is. Then that’s where the confusion comes from. Some women don’t know the difference between a fibre wig and a human hair wig. To have awareness to their differences could save you a lot of trouble and hassle. But how do you really know which is fibre and which is human hair? Sure, where you bought it told you what material it is, but how can you be so sure?

The first thing to know is that they have a big difference when it comes to the cost or price. A fibre wig is cheaper than the human hair wig. Fibre wigs have an unnatural look and feel while the human hair wig, upon touching it, almost feels like touching a natural hair. Fibre wigs does not need daily styling and it’s convenient for women who lacks time to style their hairs while a human hair wig requires everyday styling and washing. Heat resistance is also one of the prime reasons why women opt for a human hair wig. Hair irons, heat curlers or even the sunlight could not easily damage these kind of wigs. So if you ever buy a human hair wig then you suddenly notice that it becomes frizzy and damage after even just a short time of heat exposure then you might have been fooled.But the very best way to know if it’s fibre or human hair, do this test: Pull a hair strand out of the wig the burn that strand. If it emits a bad odour and it burns slowly then it’s human hair. But if it burns quickly and forms into a ball or tends to melt then it is fibre.

Should there be any more queries, please feel free to let us know, your Valentine Wigs family will always be here for you.

Like our hair, wigs are also styled. Some people prefer to curl or iron them. But what if your wig is still in a big mess after all the styling you’ve made? What happens if it doesn’t hold or be in a style you want it to be? Unlike our natural hair that we could just sprinkle some hairspray on it for the hair to hold, synthetic wigs should not be sprayed with the kind of hairspray we use normally. There is a specially formulated hairspray for synthetic wigs because if you use the hairspray made for human hair it may cause for the wig to be tangled, frizzy and become damaged.

For synthetic wigs, you may use a hairspray by Got2b and Revlon. These are one of the hairsprays which give a good result for your wig and really hold them together.However, for human hair wigs, since it is made from natural hair, you may use the same products that you apply on your hair. You may use hairsprays by Pantene, Finesse and L’Oreal.

Some people say that normal hairsprays can also be used in synthetic wigs and it still produces the same result, but some disagree because it causes for the wig to be damaged. But just a tip, before buying a hairspray for synthetic wigs,why not try to use a hairspray for normal hair on a small portion, if it appears to be holding and fine, then I guess you may use it and save you the money and hassle of buying a new hairspray. But if it appears to be tangled and frizzy then it’s time for you to buy the specially formulated hairspray for synthetic wigs. Just make sure to buy a hairspray in a reasonable price and a brand that you could trust.

Before choosing which wig to get, whether a synthetic wig or a natural wig (made out of human hair) know first the difference between the two then decide first how long you’re planning to use it? Will you be using it for a year or two? Or even more than 5 years? Synthetic wigs and Human Hair wigs have different lifespans. A lot of us prefer to use the more convenient and budget- friendly wigs which is the synthetic one. But if you know that you’ll be using a wig everyday of your life and for more than a year, might as well use a human hair wig.Although it may come as pricey and above your budget, rest assured that it will serve its purpose longer than you expect it to be. Anyway, it’s quality over quantity, right?

Synthetic wigs are made for people who want to save time, because it’s easy to wash and care for, it’s also easy to use it plus it saves you a lot of hassle and money! Just how much easy it is to manage, it also has a short lifespan. It also depends on the quality of a synthetic wig. A low quality wig usually lasts not more than one month. But if the quality is high, it may last for six months to a year. Human hair wigs, on the other hand, looks just like a natural hair. It’s also easy to care for, it can also be curled and dyed and is heat resistant.  Awesome, right? But as mentioned, human hair wigs are pricier but its lifespan is twice or even thrice of that of a synthetic wig which in a way, justifies the expense. These wigs last for up to eighteen months.

Whichever wig you decide to get, keep in mind how long you plan to use it. Using a wig that has already exceeded its life span could affect its look and which may result to a dull, frizzy hair and could damage your over-all look. 

When you’re using a synthetic wig or human hair wig and you decide to buy a couple more for varieties, one of the usual problems for wig owners: storage. Knowing how to properly store your wigs could save you a lot of money and hassle. Even if it’s a long-time storage or a short-time, you should learn how and where to store those to keep them from damaging and tangling. There are several ways in storing them and keep them from heat and dust. Remember that heat is bad for wigs especially synthetic ones, so stay away from the sun, microwaves, ovens,hair curlers and hair irons when wearing them. Even when storing them, you should avoid placing them on places where the sun’s heat could directly hit them. Store it in a room temperature or in a cool dry place. In storing wigs,you need a wig stand or a mannequin head, a plastic packaging. A custom wig box is also optional.

When keeping your wig for only a short period of time, like overnight or a couple of hours and when you use it regularly, you may use your wig stand or a mannequin head. Doing this will help you maintain the style of the wig. For long-term keeping, like you decide to stop using wigs or try on another wig, you may bring out a plastic packaging, but if you still have the original packaging of the wig from when you first bought it, it would be better to use that rather than any other plastic packaging because in that way you’ll know that it’s specifically designed for wigs. But if unable to retrieve it, you may use Ziplocs. To properly store a wig, fold the wig in half from ear to ear and parted in the centre. If the wig does not have a centre part, bring out a small piece of tissue paper and put it at the crown of the wig to keep the shape in place.

If you’re travelling and you decide to bring a wig, a custom wig box is what you need. This way, the box will prevent the wig to be accidentally crushed. Learn how to invest in a good custom wig box if you travel frequently.

When you have a lot of wigs to store, it’s best to purchase a storage box and place every wig you own that you don’t use, just make sure that it’s properly wrapped in a plastic packaging.

Learning the right ways to store wigs will make your wigs last longer and will keep them from damages. 

Since human hair wigs and fibre wigs are made from completely different materials,you can’t use the same styling tools for both. There are preferred tools for both human hair wig and fibre wigs. Most people who wear wigs prefer to style them. But before grabbing your styling tools, know first which you should use for the type of wig that you have because not all wigs can be styled with tools you usually use on your hair.

While some wigs are heat-resistant and you may style them with hair curlers and hair irons, some are sensitive to heat and prone to breakage when exposed to sun. Since human hair wigs are made from real human hair, it is okay to style them in heat. There are also some that uses gelto style their wigs. But know that gel does not work in wigs. Gels are made for natural hair structure and fibre wigs are made from completely different materials. Instead of using gels, you may try using a hair clay. You should also brush your wig with the recommended wig brush.

Using a wrong brush may damage your wig and combs for natural hairs should not also be used in wigs.For extra moisturizing and protection for your wigs, use a lightweight sheen before or after brushing the wig. Deciding to change the colour of your wig?Never ever spray it with a coloured hairspray. It’s better to just dye your wig to your preferred colour or shade. Over all, just keep this in mind; when youuse a human hair wig, invest on products that are sulphate-free and specially formulated for colour treated hair to keep the colour longer. For fibre wigs,only use products that are specially formulated for those kinds of wigs

We recommend washing your wig every 2 to 3 weeks of wear, as needed.  Products specifically formulated for wigs should be used, as regular shampoos and conditioners are not designed with the nature of wigs in mind.  We have a range of shampoos and conditioners that are specifically made for wigs and hairpieces.  Please visit www.valentinewigs.co.uk/accessories. Baby shampoo and conditioners also work well.

Brush the wig thoroughly.  

Before you wash, be sure to carefully detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb. Work gradually from the ends.

Add wig shampoo to wash basin and fill with cold water.  

Using cool water and a gentle touch, get the hair wet. But do not soak as this can lead to tangling.

Without scrubbing, distribute a small amount of shampoo evenly throughout the hair. Never use hot water as it can loosen wefts of hair and cause damage.

Let soak for five minutes.  
Swish the wig gently NEVER RUB.  
Rinse gently in cold clear water twice or until thoroughly rinsed.  
Apply a generous amount of wig conditioner and gently work through hair with fingertips.  Distribute conditioner throughout the hair taking care to avoid roots, particularly with monofilament and hand-tied cap constructions as this can increase shedding. 
Rinse thoroughly with cold water.  
Drain and blot gently with towel DO NOT SQUEEZE OR WRING.  Gently pat and press hair with a soft towel to remove excess water. Do not rub, squeeze, twist or wring hair.
Allow to air dry on a folding stand (or even a can of hairspray).    To avoid stretching the cap, never place a damp wig on a mannequin or Styrofoam head.
Brush wig only when completely dry.

We recommend washing your wig every 2 to 3 weeks of wear, or as needed.

Wigs are made to provide a choice of a new look for people like you, like us! We use wigs for concealing, disguise, or just pure fashion. Some people prefer to style their wigs by cutting it or changing its colour but as much as wigs are versatile and open to changes, synthetic wigs and human hair wigs have its own limitations when it comes to styling them. But yes, it’s totally okay to cut or colour your wig just when you feel like it. Since wigs, like technology are upgrading so quickly, it’s now possible to cut a synthetic wig or a human hair wig by yourself or you could take it to an expert hairstylist. When it comes to changing the colour of the wig, since synthetic wig and human hair wig are made from different materials, they are also dyed in different ways.

In human hair wigs, using a regular hair dye is recommended. Since it’s like a normal hair, you can expect to achieve the same results.  For synthetic wigs, it should be dyed with ink which can be bought from a wig shop. You can’t use a regular hair dye on synthetic wigs because it will just cause it to bleed or running off of the dye. Another thing, if you’re thinking of using a coloured hairspray to change the colour of your wig, refrain from doing so. Hairspray causes damage to wigs,especially synthetic ones. So instead of spraying, invest on a good dye. It will give you a much better result.

Before doing any changes, especially major ones on your wigs, check first its material and quality because there are some things which are good for synthetic but not for human hair and the other way around. Ask an expert. Seek opinions. Maybe what you think is a good thing will result to something you’ll regret in the end. Consulting your experts like your Valentine Wigs family here might be of help. Just feel free to hit that button and dial the number or drop us an email!

No matter how we think of wigs as a remedy or a life-saver. No matter how much we run to them in times of need, wigs also need us to care for them, moisturize them, clean them and take them away from the heat or else they become dull,lifeless and frizzy! We all know how annoying frizzy hair is. Frizz in wig is actually caused by not properly washing them and over drying it. Also, avoid wearing wigs near stoves, microwaves, ovens or any other things which releases heat. Curly and wavy wigs are more prone to frizz and damage. Another way to prevent frizz is to avoid styling hair with heat. When going out on a sunny day, make sure to wrap a scarf on your hair or to wear a hat so the sun’s heat won’t damage your wig. Hair dryers, curling irons and hot rollers burn the hair and making them damage and frizzy.          

It’s just not enough to know what causes frizz, it’s also crucial to learn how to de-frizz wigs for you to maximize its use. To de-frizz your wig, you can moisturize your wig by using a lightweight sheen before or after brushing it. This prevents friction and allows the wig to be shiny and soft. Next is, you need to brush your wig regularly and properly. Using a wig brush will help you detangle the fibres and keep it in shape. Lastly, if all else fails, you can wash the wig but make sure that you use a specially formulated shampoo. In a cold water, you may add a teaspoon of shampoo and let the wig soak for 3 to 5 minutes. After rinsing the wig, squeeze out the excess shampoo and towel dry it. Make sure to store the wig in a mannequin head or a wig stand. You may wrap the wig in a satin cap for an extra protection.

Don’t forget to keep in mind how long your wig could last, because no amount of caring for them will bring them back to their original state if it’s already past their lifespan.

If you are unsure what head size you are, it is a good idea to measure your head so you can order the correct size of wig.  The average adult female size is 54cm.  This is the standard size of wig, which most are supplied.  There are adjustable straps inside the wig that you can tighten or loosen for extra comfort.

Wigs also come in large 58cm, petite (small) 50cm, ultra petite (child) 48cm.

Flatten your hair down and use a soft measuring tape. Do not pull the tape measure, just rest it over or around your head, pulling stretches the tape and will give you the wrong size.

Circumference: Start at the front of your head at the hairline in the centre, place the start of the tape flat against your head. Feeding the tape through your fingers and around your head, going down to the nape then back up around the opposite side of your head returning back to the front. This is the circumference of your head. Always measure in centimetres.

Front to Nape: Measure your head from the nape over the crown to the top of your forehead where your natural hairline is.

Ear to Ear: Measure your head from the top of one ear, over the crown to the top of the other ear.

The front of the wig should settle into your natural hairline, four fingers above your eyebrows and it should come down to natural hairline at the back (nape).

CircumferenceFront to NapeEar to Ear


Cap Size Ear to Ear Front to Nape Circumference Temple to Temple Small11142114.5Medium11.514.52215Large12152315.5X Large12.515.52416

If you find you are in between measurements then go for the larger of the two otherwise the wig will slide off. You can always alter areas to a smaller size.

The hair fashion industry has welcomed wearing wigs for all walks of life with open arms for quite some time that it isn’t anything that’s unusual anymore. It has been a big part of some others’ every day and a necessity as well. But how can we make sure that the wig we are buying online is comfy enough? We can’t try it on right away to know if our scalp won’t react the moment we wear one.

But guess what? As we check out a particular ladies wig or even men’s or children’swig before we click the “Add to Cart button”, it will tell you the type of material it is made of should it be Synthetic or Human Hair. Which brings us back to checking out the difference of the two. We have discussed it on a separate article. You may check out the link to know which ones you are particular of. We’re proud to say that your Valentine Wigs family is very particular about the comfortability of the wigs we sell. We are our wigs. We wear them. We check them out piece by piece. We’re always on the lookout if our customers may need definite information about a certain product and we look them up for you. Your wig is definitely comfortable to wear as you list down what irritates your scalp and what you wear it for. There are those that get along really well with the lifestyle that you have should you be very busy or the kind that chills out.

But don’t worry about asking us the questions before you hit on the purchase button. We’re always here for you - your hair fashion experts!

Nowadays, wigs are also a must for some people. It’s now so common that you won’t be able to tell who is wearing a wig and who’s not. Some wear wigs that are the same shade as their natural hair, some opt for a lighter and darker one. But there are those people who dare to be bold and wear candy coloured wigs such as pink,blue and yellow. Some also wear to conceal hair loss or a haircut gone badly.Some wear it to impersonate someone or a fictional character, aka cosplaying. This is why a lot of wigs have surfaced in the fashion industry and it’s hard to choose a wig that’s right for you, will fulfil your needs and fits right into your budget.

The most common questions asked when buying wigs are “why is this wig more expensive than that wig?”, “they have the same length and colour, but why is this more expensive?” Well to answer that, it really is in the quality and the material which the wig is made from. Remember that there are two materials where wig is made from: synthetic and human hair. Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs because it’s made from hair from people who sold it such as Asian girls since they have dark and more solid hairs. They also do not get tangled and frizzy easily since there is the presence of hair cuticles which is found in our natural hairs that prevents dryness which causes frizza nd tangles. These wigs as well could last for years when maintained properly so it’s basically considered as an investment. This is why human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs. If you’re planning to buy a wig but you’ll be using it for only a short period of time, I recommend you use a high class quality synthetic wig. Not as expensive as human hair wigs but will definitely serve its purpose. Just think that what you spend on a wig is what you get. So don’t think that buying a low quality synthetic wig will give you the advantages of high quality wigs. Talk to your Ladies Wigs UK expert right now!

Your Valentine Wigs family has been in the online hair fashion industry for such along time that we’ve encountered almost every struggle that an online shopper and wigs lover may have. We can’t always get it perfect each time we make that purchase especially when it’s your first time. Or, it can also be that we have mistakenly clicked the wrong button or what not. It’s also possible that we have overlooked your purchase requirement although we barely do.

Things like these happen sometimes. So if in case you have size issues with the wig you received from us, let us know straight away. We’ve got our phone number and that same link will give you our address too! But the answer is yes, you can send it back and have your perfect fit for that ladies wig, we can have it changed for you. Just make sure to return the product in its perfect condition and we’re great!

We’re always too concerned about what is going to make our customers happy. We can’t let you use a ladies wig that doesn’t fit - not at all! So for hair fashion’s sake, pocket this issue. Consider it resolved by your Valentine Wigs expert.

Like choosing wigs, you also have to take into consideration its cap construction.Like the style and colour of wigs, cap constructions also have a lot of kinds.But what are really cap constructions? The cap is the base of a wig. It is the material or where the hair is attached. The recent cap constructions found in wigs are more natural looking and lighter but with each kind, each also has its own pros and cons.

The first kind is the 100% hand tied. Known also as 100% knotted because the hair on the entire cap is hand-tied onto the base. These construction caps are the softest and most comfortable cap it’s good for people who have a sensitive scalp and for those who are prone to hair loss. It’s also versatile when it comes to styling since you could comb the hair in any direction. Another kind is the lace front. These caps are made with a delicate material so they should be handled with care. It creates the illusion of a natural-looking hairline and each hair is hand-tied to a section of sheer lace but not the entire cap unlike the 100% hand tied. It also allows styling hair away from the face. Next, we have the monofilament, its cap can be found just at the crown and like the lace front each hair is hand-tied to a sheer lace but not the entire cap. There are two kinds of monofilament: the full mono top which provides versatility in styling and the double mono which has an extra layer of soft material for extra comfort. The last kind of cap construction is the basic cap. This cap is the most durable and affordable and also the most common cap found in wigs. For better air ventilation, most of the cap has open wefting and it gives the hair a natural lift because of its built-in volume at the crown.

Having enough knowledge about cap construction will help you in purchasing a wig that’s right for your needs and provides comfort at the same time. Make sure that you include cap construction into consideration before buying a wig to avoid discomfort and regret once you use it. You’ve got any more clarifications? Just feel free to let your Valentine Wigs experts know!

In the beauty and fashion industry, knowing one’s face shape is crucial for us to know what style suits us. May it be trying on a new hairstyle, sunglasses and even beard style; you have to know what your face shape is. You might have committed these mistakes before; trying on a new hair cut because you saw a friend or your favourite star that has a similar body figure as yours so you thought that you could also pull off that look. Or you might have bought the new, trendy sunglasses but when you wore it, it doesn’t look good on you. It’s because you’ve been seeing those haircut and sunglasses in someone else whose face shape is different from yours. So before cutting your hair or buying a new pair of shades, know first your face shape. Don’t worry, it’s quite easy.

While facing the mirror, grab a measuring tape. Remember to write your measurements down on a piece of paper. Then first measure your forehead. Pull the tape measure from the peak of your one eyebrow arch to the opposite eyebrow arch.Next, to measure your cheekbones, measure across your upper cheeks, starting and ending at the sharp bump below the outer corners of your eye. For the jawline, start measuring from the tip of your chin to the point below your ear where your jaw angles upward then multiply that number by two. Lastly, to measure your face length, start from the centre of your hairline to the tip of your chin. 

Take note which measurement is the largest and read on.

For those who have the same measurements of their face length and cheekbones, they have a round face shape. Their jaw angle is also soft and their forehead and jawline are smaller and also have the same measurement. For people with a square face shape, all their measurements are similar and their jaw angle is sharp. If your face length is the largest and your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are similar in size then you have an oblong face shape. People with a diamond face shape have the face length as the largest measurement. Next is the cheekbones then the forehead and the jawline being the smallest. Their chins are pointed.Triangular face shapes have a large jawline, small cheekbones and the smallest forehead. Their face can be any length. Lastly we have the oval face shape. Their face length is larger than their cheekbones and the forehead is larger than the jawline. They have a round angle of their jaws.

Now that you have identified your face shape, you can now easily determine what’s best for your face. Look for hairstyles, sunglasses and even beard styles that will complement with your face shape and you’ll surely rock the look! Trust that your Valentine Wigs family would always be willing to help you out in whatever way we can for hair fashion’s sake!

No matter how expensive or cheap the wig you bought is, it will always become tangled. If you ask when, it depends on the material it is made from, whether synthetic or human hair. If you bought a synthetic wig, it might be tangled even when you haven’t started using it yet because of the plastic packaging plus the heat but if it’s a human hair wig, it may take some time and several uses for the wig to become tangled. But worry not, there are things you can do to detangle your wigs. First, you need to understand the cause of wig tangles before learning how to remove it or prevent it.

Unlike our natural hair which produces natural oils to keep the hair from drying, wigs do not have that. The presence of cuticle is also important in wigs for it not to tangle. Cuticles work for the hair to glide with each other but not causing too much friction. Since no cuticle is found in wigs, there is too much friction which damages the wig.

There are only several things you need for you to work on detangling your wigs.Prepare a spray bottle, a wig brush or a fine toothed comb, and some rollers.Use a fabric conditioner for synthetic wigs and human hair conditioner for human hair wigs. First, fill your spray bottle with one part fabric softener or hair conditioner and add four parts of water. Next, put your wig on a wig stand then start spraying some portions about six inches from the wig. Spray twice or thrice to the more tangled areas. After spraying, gently brush your wig using a comb or wig brush. Start from the bottom edge and work your way up to the crown. For those portions that are super tangled, you may use your fingers to brush them since it gives you more control and prevents hair from falling. After detangling, set your wig on rollers and let it air dry. Make sure that your wig is completely dry before wearing them and you’re all set.

It’s really easy to detangle a wig so if you ever find yourself in a tangled situation, don’t think of throwing away your wig. Try to have patience and salvage them first. Not only you’ll learn something out of it, you can also save your money. We care about you and the product that you purchase from us,your Valentine Wigs family. Let us know if there are any more queries.


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