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Cafe Collections Colour Chart

Belle Tress Cafe Collection Colours


Heat friendly up to 350 degrees. Belle Tress exclusive multi-dimensional colour combinations created with special blends in the crown with highlights and lowlights using luxurious, silky, rich texture.

Bombshell Blonde: 12R/60/88/1001
Golden brown root with a blend of white, pure blonde and satin blonde.

Butterbeer Blonde: 8R/19/23
Medium brown root with a blend of sandy blonde, ash blonde and light blonde.

Cappuccino with Cherry: 4HL / 350
A blend of Cappuccino dark brown and deep Bolzano brown highlighted with red mahogany and chocolate cherry.

Cayenne with Ginger Root: 1BR/33/350
Mixture of off black and darkest brown root with a blend of cayenne, burgundy, red mahogany, and chocolate cherry.

Champagne with Apple Pie: 14R/16/613/103
Light brown blonde root with mixture of ash blonde, lightest blonde, pure blonde and light neutral blonde.

Chocolate with Caramel: 4R/8/27
Cappuccino dark brown root with a blend of medium and chocolate brown.

Chrome: 4R/51/56/60
Cappuccino brown root with gradual mixture of 30% gray, 10% gray, and white at the tip.

Coconut Silver Blonde: 101/102/103/60A/23A/17
A mixture blend of silver, pure, cool, ash, and coconut blonde with a platinum blonde highlights.

Coffee without Cream: 1B/2/33
A blend of espresso coffee bean, darkest brown, and the hint of deepest rich caviar.

Cola with Cherry: 4R/6/350
Cappuccino dark brown root with a blend of dark chocolate brown, mahogany and chocolate cherry.

Ginger: 4/6
A blend of cappuccino and dark chocolate brown.

English Toffee: 6F27
A blend of medium chocolate and Tuscany rich brown with light auburn highlights.

Honey with Chai Latte: 11R/88B/613
A blend of Sienna Brown and cool medium brown root with mixture blend of honey blonde, light blonde, smoky blonde with a hint of pure blonde.

Marshmallow Blonde: 101/102/103/60A
A mixture blend of platinum, pure, and satin blonde with marshmallow blonde highlights.

Mocha with Cream: 2R/613/30/6
A rich darkest brown root with a blend of dark chocolate brown and cinnamon along with milk chocolate, cool blonde and light blonde highlights.

Sugar Cookie with Hazelnut: 6R/144/88B
Rich dark chocolate root with a blend of golden blonde, honey blonde, natural medium blonde, and pure blonde highlights.

Vanilla Lush: 140/22/HL613
A blend of honey blonde, gold blonde, light blonde with lightest blonde highlights.

Belle Tress Balayage Collection Colors & Description

Caramel Almond

Freshen up your hair by lifting it to the delicious "bronde" (brown + blonde). If you prefer a natural look of sun-faded locks, caramel and blonde tones are a worthy choice. Dark brown hair and balayage highlights complement each other beautifully.

Cinnamon Ginger

Cinnamon and Ginger go together beautifully. The ginger brings out the peppery quality of the cinnamon, and the cinnamon brings out the rich, vanilla-like tones of the ginger. Balayage hair doesn't have to be overly dramatic. It can be as simple as subtly illuminating ginger hair to light brown with just a pinch of cinnamon color.

Coconut Brown Sugar

The mixture of platinum and ash blonde highlights compliment ashy brown hair beautifully and gives off a sunkissed girl-next-door vibe. Balayage hair is today's synonym for new hair.


Ceylon Tea is the most popular tea, also known as Sri Lankan tea.

The caramel auburn hue teamed with the chocolate brown creates just enough dimension, that is subtle while still visually intriguing. Throwing some light brown and caramel highlights into the mix makes the style even more fashion-forward. A blend of golden blonde, honey blonde, natural medium blonde, and champagne blonde highlights.


Hibiscus tea is an herbal tea made as an infusion from crimson or deep magenta-colored calyces of the roselle flower. Highlights that have a reddish nuance flatter deep brunette amazingly. The balayage amplifies its modern allure.

Peach Bellini

This sunny herbal tea blends the refreshingly zesty flavors of peach, strawberries, mango pineapple, and papaya. This collage of shades inspires and leaves us staring at all of the different tones. It is a magical peach blonde-brown, a classic balayage combo that makes feel relaxed and natural.

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum is a round or oval sweet/piece of candy made of boiled sugar. It refers to a term of endearment; sweetheart and darling. Dark chocolate brown balayage with a subtle mixture of platinum, pure, marshmallow blonde hair creates a dramatic look to make a statement. The texture and mix of dark and light shades draw the eye into a mane of never-ending depth.

Sweet Mango

The balayage hair looks stunning with touches of golden bronde(brown + blonde). Rich medium Sienna chocolate brown with a mixture of cinnamon chocolate, natural medium blonde, and delicious sweet mango highlights is a fresh take of balayage hair. It is easy to make sweet mango sauce. In a saucepan with medium heat, combine the mangoes, butter, brown sugar, lemon juice, orange juice, and water. Stir until the mixture thickens. It is an addictive taste with angel cake or waffles. A light balayage is a stylish match to a brown base.

Belle Tress City Collection Colours

City Collection Colour Chart

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