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(Left to right, Mary, Natalie, Bet and Richard)

Here's The Team At Valentine Wigs

Mary previously worked in management and customer service roles for the Electricity Board. She then took a career break to help her dad (Richard) with Valentine Wigs, spending eight months handling the digital marketing presence and helping out across the board.

She then spent three years travelling, Australia, Cook Islands, New Zealand and Bali. "It was the best three years of my life and I made some amazing friends, I feel like I came back a different person."  Upon returning home she jumped straight back in with us here at Valentine Wigs.

Over the last six months she has been relearning parts of the business, helping us to continue growing, getting accounts sorted, plus helping the launch of our new website last year!  Now Mary takes care of all orders and liases with the manufacturers.  

Favorite wig?  "I have too many! Tori is amazing in any colour as well as some of the new styles like breezy in Lunar Haze"


Natalie has three children, Jodi was born in 2003.  From 2012-2015 Natalie started working with her in-law's local Estate Agency business. During this time she had her second child, Erin Louise, got married to her husband Andy in 2015 and welcomed her third daughter, Amelia Jane.

At this time she began to step away from the in-laws side of things and started working with her dad, Richard, more and more on Valentine Wigs, joining full-time in March 2018.

Natalie takes care of uploading new products to the website.  

Fave wig? "Nevada by Amore – one of the only wigs at the moment that has a right-hand parting, I also like all of the crazy cool colourful wigs!"


Bet's role involves taking care of all the orders and making sure they are in the best condition before they go out. "I also take phone calls when called upon, helping people on the phone who are suffering from hair loss, as I’ve been through that too."

She has been more involved over the last three years, working full-time for the past two years.  Favourite wig? Swing silver blonde rooted by Ellen Wille. "It’s my favourite because it goes with my skin tone." Another favourite of hers is Champagne Rooted.  Most recent wig purchase? Step, in snow mix by Ellen Wille. “If you take good care of your wigs they can really last, I have one I've made last 3 years!  I don’t think people should tie themselves down to a particular style or colour, they will find their way."

Bet was diagnosed with alopecia seven years ago, choosing to try a wig for the first time just over two years ago. "Even though I had my own company selling wigs, I wouldn’t wear a wig at first. I refused to wear a wig, I wouldn’t give in, like any other woman who loses their hair, until it came to the point I couldn’t cover it up anymore.

My very first wig was about two years ago and was called Point, which was champagne rooted. I didn’t like the experience initially, I was very upset that I had to wear a wig, but now I am very, very happy. I don’t have anything to stop me, most people can’t even tell I’m wearing a wig. Receiving compliments regularly. You do lose your confidence at first when you lose your hair, you really don’t want to go out."


Richard worked with the original owner of Valentine Wigs, Mave Brookes, from 2003 until she passed away in 2014. Richard acquired the business on the 1st June 2014 and continued building on Mave’s excellent business principles. "Mave was such an inspiring person. The commitments to excellent customer service and quality products at the best price were the cornerstone of Mave's business principles. We have continued these practices since."

Initially Richard started running the business himself.  Then Mary joined for a while to help build the foundation of expanding. In 2017 & 2018 Richard welcomed in more help from his family with Betty and Natalie joining the team.

Favourite part of the business and what he enjoys doing most at Valentine Wigs? "The customer service, I deal with a lot of the customer calls, we concentrate on customer service and go the extra mile. We value relationships and we will help as much as we possibly can. We treat our customers as friends, passionate about building a long term win-win relationship that will serve our loyal customers and the wig community as a whole for many decades to come! We always want to make sure you’ll love us tomorrow. We see our customers as a lifelong relationship, not just a one time sale."

Our motto is "A Personal and Discreet Shopping Experience" and we mean what we say!  We try our very best to look after our customers in every way we can.  We go the "extra mile" to offer a friendly, professional and discreet service.  We are totally committed to providing the best online service you could expect and we are always open to suggestions.

Don't hesitate to email or call us if you need any help.

Kind regards,
Richard and Bet
Valentine Wigs



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