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1. Wash frequently with the recommended wig shampoo. 

If you are a full time wearer you should wash it twice a week.  It is a fallacy that washing your wig infrequently will make it last longer.

2. After washing always use the recommended conditioner. 

This will gently soften the hair and add vital moisture content.

3. Allow your wig to air dry on a collapsible wig stand.

This type of stand allows the wet wig to air dry evenly inside and out.  Polyheads only dry from one side are more likely to stretch your wig. Drying any other way and your wig will lose shape.

4. In between washes use a conditioning spray to add moisture to the hair.  

This will help reduce split ends, shedding and frizzing.  Your biological hair is being naturally conditioned all the time.  If you don't frequently condition your wig, the hair will dry, split, frizz and shed.

5. Never brush a wet wig, always wait for them to dry.

You can damage the hair and it could lose style.

6. Avoid pulling the hair and damaging the cap.

Use short gentle strokes from the hair tips, working your way up to the crown. Brushing your wig from the cap can cause shedding of the fibre.

Bonus Tip:

For wigs that touch your shoulders always wear satin or silk styles of fabrics.  Other fabrics like wool or cotton will damage the hair over time.

Your Wig Is An Investment, Treating It With Loving Care Will Extend Its Life.

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