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Introducing Caron!

Introducing Caron!

Today we have a new customer introduction for you, meet Caron! She has been wearing wigs for over 40 years now. First trying them out because she was tired of doing her own hair. Her appearance was important due to the fact she worked on a reception and had to look good. “I realise for most people, entering the world of wigs, understandably, can be a traumatic and challenging time. For me it was quite the opposite and just a personal preference to try them.”

“I’ve literally lost count of how many wigs I’ve had, hundreds and hundreds at this point.”

“They’ve come on in leaps and bounds over the years.” Recently deciding to try one of the human hair wigs - “I could’ve framed it and put it on the wall!”

“The Ellen Wille Emotion is wearing well, up to now it’s been a wonderful investment. I have had it over 3 months now and have had it on every day. With each day it just becomes more and more natural looking.”

Her very first wig? “Something special, by Natural Image. It was a great ‘wash and go’ wig and you can still get the wig to this day.”

Favourite colour choice for wigs? “I’ve always tried to go for my natural colour, shades of blonde.”

“When it’s hot out I sometimes wear clip-ins like a pony tail as a bit of a change.”

How did you first find out about Valentine Wigs? “I always enjoy having a look around online and reading reviews. That’s how I first came across them, I spoke to Richard on the phone who was lovely and very helpful. I also went onto their Facebook page as having an active social media and website is always a good sign. Overall I was just very impressed.”

Any advice or tips you would give to somebody just starting out with wigs?

“I would say find somebody who knows about wigs and talk to them. I was lucky going to the shop I first had an appointment in in Birmingham all those years ago. The danger when starting off can be you end up just randomly shopping online, not knowing what you’re buying. Get an overall idea of the different types of wigs to find exactly what you’re looking for. Read reviews and watch YouTube videos, I find those really useful. Also look out for wig sites which don’t take returns, that would be my other advice.”

Thank you, Caron! We appreciate you taking the time to share your story and top tips with us.

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