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Introducing Laura!

Introducing Laura!

Laura introduction

One of our lovely customers has shared her story and journey into the world of wigs with us, take a read of Laura’s story below! From Northeast Durham, her alopecia started to show during her late 20s. “During my late twenties it started to show itself, my hair was getting thinner and thinner”.

“It really impacted myself confidence and the job I had needed confidence”.

With her Grandma having very little her she knew she needed to do something. She tried a semi-permanent hair system in London, “it was horrible I hated it”. She would go to London and persevere with the hair system for the next four years, before finding a new salon closer to home in Manchester.

During this time she has a couple of children. Which made taking the trips (every 6 weeks) to the salon even more difficult. “I was sick of it and already doubted how much longer I would continue with the hair system.”

Then lockdown happened. “With lockdown I couldn’t get my hair system tightened, it starts to wobble if you don’t get it tightened. I battled it out until May, but I started having thoughts about trying a wig.”

Her husband helped her make the jump over to trying a wig. Initially on top of the hair system, but it wasn’t working. “I took the hair system off and new my hair would be in a bad shape but I was still quite shocked to see it.”

“Then I spoke to Richard at Valentine Wigs and he was fantastic. Since wearing wigs my hair has started to regrow. The hair system made it worse and I’m pleasantly surprised with how my hair has come back. I have eight wigs now. I love chopping and changing my look around. People have been really supportive and my confidence is back. Which is encouraging as I’m working from home and on conference calls a lot.”

“I probably feel better in myself now more than, ever.”

Favourite wig? Blonde Dakota, marshmallow rooted.

Any advice to anybody out there navigating the world of wigs?

“I would say from personal experience, from my one experience of buying cheap my advice would be don’t do it. You can have a look on places like Facebook and buy cheap but the value just isn’t there in terms of quality. I now know what my none-negotiables are in terms of wig lingo. For me, open-weft and lace-front are essentials. Learn your terminology so you can learn too what your non-negotiables are. Try something you wouldn’t normally. I’m loving the pink and loving blonde.”

Thank you Laura! We appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us and for the great advice. 😊

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