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Introducing Helen!

Introducing Helen!

We have another customer introduction for you today! Read her story and how she got into the world of wigs below.

Helen grew up in Wolverhampton before moving to Wales in her adult life. She is a self-proclaimed petrol-head and has had sports cars her whole life. She moved to Portugal upon retiring with her husband Chris. It was whilst in Portugal Chris was diagnosed with cancer, which lead to their return home to Wales. It was during this challenging period when she started to experience some hair loss.

“I was very conscious of it, like most people I didn’t think I was going to get into wigs. I cried all the way through my wig appointment. (July 2018) I didn’t leave the house until January 2019 when a friend of mine told me you’ve just got to embrace this.”

“I started looking around online and found Valentine Wigs. Some places you ring up and they are just selling it to you. At the beginning I didn’t know what any of the wig lingo was, but Valentine were so helpful on the phone explaining everything.”

“I now have around 60/70 wigs. I enjoy matching them to outfits. Anything I know at this point is really thanks to Valentine. They go above and beyond.”

First wig? – Sentoo sango 757G

Favourite wig? – Madeline by Amore (Sugar Cane Rooted and auburn  sugar)

Other favorites include Brandi by Amore, with the Milan Topper by Noriko being her one and only go to choice for toppers.

She also loves her colours! With copper glow (auburn, copper and strawberry) being one of her favourites.

Helen has built quite the wig collection. With an impressive seven different Kenzie Noriko wigs all in different colours! “They’re all over the place, Jewellery, wigs and racing cars are all things I enjoy collecting now!”

As she has navigated the world of wigs she has also joined a wig group on Facebook where people can discuss all things wigs. The name of the group is Wigi_mama_clee.

“There are 70 plus members now and it’s growing from strength to strength. You can literally be in the depths of despair when starting out, that’s why it’s important to help people new to it all.”

Any advice for people new to the world of wigs?

“If you don’t know much about wigs definitely read the reviews. You arrange your wig appointment and leave knowing nothing about the actual wigs. It’s such a minefield and I have found customers reviews really useful. Look to see if there are any bad reviews and just do your research. Look at the prices too!”

Thank you so much for sharing your story and top tips with us Helen!

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