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Introducing Michelle :)

Introducing Michelle :)
Hi, my name is Michele, I live in Norfolk with my husband Chris and two dogs and two cats. Our menagerie keeps us active!  We have 3 grown up children and two grandchildren, with number 3 on her way later this year! They all live abroad so we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like...but when we do get together it makes for great holidays and catch ups! Our eldest son was due to come home for a visit this month, but of course that isn’t now happening. 
I found Valentine Wigs earlier this year whilst searching online. They are a great company to deal with, and they’ve been super patient with me! 
I’m a newbie to the wonderful world of wigs. I’ve lost my hair due to chemo treatments that I started last Christmas (not the best Xmas!) as I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec’19. My bio hair was long - halfway down my back, and it was a big deal to face losing it. Eventually, I decided to take control and took the clippers to my head rather than wait for it all to fall. It was a traumatic time.  I really didn’t know where to start with wigs....my first was chosen at an appointment arranged by my hospital. It’s a short Ellen Wille number and whilst I like her, she’s not quite ‘me’. I think it can take a bit of trial and error to find what you feel comfortable with. Discovering wigs can be fun and they open up so many looks to you that with your bio hair you don’t have! I’ve watched some great reviews of various wigs on YouTube, it’s really opened up a whole new world for me! 
My favourite wig? That’s a hard one....I’ve gone a  little wig crazy and there are so many,  but one of my faves is Eden by Noriko Rene of Paris in melted plum. I fell in love with the colour! She is a lovely,  cheeky, short wavy bob and I love wearing her. Another is a long one, Leonora mono sf; sometimes it’s nice to have enough hair to style, and I put her in a plait or a ponytail and that feels very natural, and she has a super comfy cap. For everyday wear, I can’t beat my Ellen Wille short straight bob, Prado petite mono, she’s nice to just pop on and forget about, I have her in sand mix and she’s a lovely style, easy to wear and very natural looking. 
Lockdown is tough isn’t it?! Oh wow, what a strange set of circumstances we find ourselves in. Although for me just coming out of chemo, it’s just like I was already in isolation and everyone else has just joined my (lonely) isolation party! I’ve still had to go to the hospital (I’ve just had a mastectomy) but it’s very surreal being there as it’s very empty and all the staff are in their full PPE gear. No one can accompany you and it all feels very strange. I was glad to be back in the safety of my own home! 
How on earth would we manage without all our tech?! With our kids being so far we use WhatsApp and FaceTime a lot but even more so now, we usually have catch ups each day... we’ve also started to use Zoom for big family catch ups with cousins and aunties etc, which is quite a feat, the last one we had we had 10 of us from 4 different time zones! 
It gets a bit crazy trying to have a conversation but it’s lovely to see all those familiar faces! Netflix has been my saviour!! I’ve just started to watch The Witcher which looks good. Unorthodox was brilliant and I hope they make another series from her second book."

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