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Meet Richard!

Meet Richard!

Today we have Richard 👋 His background is Hospitality, Law and Computer Science attaining an Honours Degree and several National Diplomas.

His first part time job was washing dishes in a local café at the age of 12 in 1967. After graduating, Richard went on to work in business and commerce from the seventies until 2001.

Richard formed his own company, Northbrook Limited, in 2001 specialising in business consultancy training and development. Due to his experience in diverse fields Richard offered consultancy in website design & optimisation, food safety, contract law and personal development amongst others.

In his spare time Richard DJ’ed professionally for many events from the early nineties to 2005. He specialised in Northern Soul and Motown music. He built a website and a monthly magazine dedicated to the music. 🎶

“One day I got a phone call from Mavis Brooke, through a contact of ours, she was looking for a web consultant to help her with Valentine Wigs.”

Mavis had been a wig store manager in Blackpool for 25 years and had set up her own website. She wasn’t having much luck with the new website and decided to get in touch with Richard in 2003.

“So we designed and set up Mavis’s website and saw an instant success with the site. We then worked with Mave building and expanding the website for 11 years. Until she passed away in 2014.”

Richard then acquired the business on the 1st June 2014 and continued building on Mave’s excellent business principles. Mave was such an inspiring person. The commitments to excellent customer service and quality products at the best price were the cornerstone of Mave's business principles. We have continued these practices since. Although Mave was such a fit and lively septuagenarian it was only a short and sudden illness that took her away from us.

“Initially I started running it myself and then Mary joined for a while to help build the foundation of expanding.”

In 2017 & 2018 Richard welcomed in more help from his family and friends with Joanne, Betty and Natalie joining the team. They continued building the website and also began building local ties within the community.

“We also have strong local links, specifically with a local hairdressers here in Chorley, Northcotes Hair.”

In 2020 we are teaming up with Neil Ainscough of Northcotes Hair Salon to provide private consultations for new and existing wig wearers. You will have the opportunity of trying different styles and colours. 💁‍♀️🎨🙌

For first time wig wearers it is essential you have professional advice and guidance from the very start. There is alot of mis-information out there.

Favourite part of the business and what he enjoys doing most at Valentine Wigs?

“The customer service, I deal with a lot of the customer calls, we concentrate on customer service and go the extra mile. We value relationships and we will help as much as we possibly can.”

We treat our customers as friends, passionate about building a long term win-win relationship that will serve our loyal customers and the wig community as a whole for many decades to come!

“We always want to make sure you’ll love us tomorrow. We see our customers as a lifelong relationship, not just a one time sale.”

Thank you Richard! 😄

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