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Meet Bet :)

Meet Bet :)
We have our latest staff introduction from the Valentine Wigs’ family today! Meet Bet!
Her role here involves taking care of all the orders and making sure they are in the best condition before they go out. “I also take phone calls when called upon, helping people on the phone who are suffering from hair loss, as I’ve been through that too.” She has been more involved over the last three years, working full-time for the past two years.
Originally from Glasgow, she moved from Harrogate to Chorley. Having previously lived in Ontario and London (where she met her husband and previously introduced Richard), whilst regularly going back to Glasgow to see family.
Her favourite part of the job? “I take pleasure in getting my orders out on time.”
When she’s not working she enjoys socializing, going to eat with her daughters and the family and getting involved with the grandchildren. Also going to bingo! Other interests of hers include Northern soul music and dancing.
Her favourite wig? Swing silver blonde rooted by Ellen Wille. “It’s my favourite because it goes with my skin tone.”
Another favourite of hers is Champagne Rooted.
Most recent wig purchase? Step, in snow mix by Ellen Wille.
“If you take good care of your wigs they can really last, I have one I've made last 3 years!”
“I don’t think people should tie themselves down to a particular style or colour, they will find their way.”
Bet was diagnosed with alopecia seven years ago, choosing to try a wig for the first time just over two years ago. “Even though I had my own company selling wigs, I wouldn’t wear a wig at first. I refused to wear a wig, I wouldn’t give in, like any other woman who loses their hair, until the point I couldn’t cover it up anymore. My very first wig was about two years ago and was called Point, which was champagne rooted.”
“I didn’t like the experience initially, I was very upset that I had to wear a wig, but now I am very, very happy. I don’t have anything to stop me, most people can’t even tell I’m wearing a wig. Receiving compliments regularly on wigs.”
“You do lose your confidence when you lose your hair, you really don’t want to go out. But just be patient with yourself and don’t (try not to) lose your confidence. Support from family and friends is priceless, you don’t have to do it on your own, they can help you choosing the right wig. Make sure you have a good look around before buying your first wig. Trial and error is very much involved.”
We wanted to save Bet's staff intro for last, in the hope that we could reach more of you with her story which makes what we do every day so much more important. Richard supporting Bet through her hairloss while Bet supported Richard getting Valentine to where it is today. We always strive to do our very best for each of our customers and will continue to do so for the foreseeable.
We want to send our love out to all of our customers through this crazy and sad time and wish only the best to all of our customers.
Stay safe, stay well and stay happy. X

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