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Meet Natalie!

Meet Natalie!

We have the second of our team’s introductions for you today! Meet Natalie! 👋

Natalie has worked with her dad (Richard) before, a few times in fact, at Chat Busters and on his Northern Soul & Motown magazine. 🎷

“I’ve got 3 children and the first, Jodi, was born in 2003 so working with family was easier.”

She has also worked at debt free direct in the past and over the spell of 2012-2015 started working with her in-laws. During this time she also had her second child, Erin, got married to her husband Andy in 2015 and welcomed her third daughter, Amelia Jane. 🎊

At this time she began to step away from the in-laws side of things and started working with Richard more and more on Valentine Wigs, joining full-time in March 2018. 😊

What’s her role here at Valentine Wigs?
“Mainly processing orders in regards to emails, dealing with suppliers and keeping customers updated with where their orders are. I also have a hand in getting products, making sure they’re right online and working behind the scenes on things.”

Her favourite thing about work? “I love working with Family”

Fav wig? “Nevada by Amori – one of the only wigs at the moment that has a right-hand parting, I also like all of the crazy cool colorful wigs!” 🤪

Finally, a favourite quote to finish off with!
“Keep it simple and get back to basics”

Thanks Natalie! We’ll have another staff intro from the team for you soon. Have a lovely weekend everyone! ☺️

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