Expert Care Balm For Synthetic Hair By Ellen Wille 200ml

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Expert Care Balm For Synthetic Hair By Ellen Wille

Care and protection for synthetic wigs, hairpieces and toupees

Use Synthetic Hair Balm between shampooing and conditioner treatment.

  1. First wash your wig or hairpiece with a shampoo for synthetic hair. We recommend Ellen Wille Synthetic Hair Shampoo
  2. Add a splash of Expert Care Balm For Synthetic Hair By Ellen Wille to a bowl of clean lukewarm water, place your wig or hairpiece in the water for 10 minutes before gently rinsing.
  3. Allow the wig or hairpiece to dry naturally on a towel or wig stand.
  4. Once your wig or hairpiece is dry continue with a conditioner for synthetic wigs. We recommend Synthetic Hair Leave-In Spray Conditioner By Ellen Wille
  5. Never brush or comb a wig whilst wet or damp.

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