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What Are The Best Wigs For Women Over 50?

What Are The Best Wigs For Women Over 50?

Model is wearing Simplify by Natural Image in Sugared Walnut colour.

We are asked lots of times what should ladies over fifty years old should look for when choosing a wig or hairpiece.

As always …  it depends, on the wearer.

Here are some tips:

What is the best wig style for a lady over 50 years old?

First what look do you want to project?  Are you a “young mature” or do you want a “classic style”?  You may enjoy being adventurous or are you more comfortable wearing something similar to what you are used to?

Second what is your lifestyle, are you active or not?  If you are active the density of the hair is going to be important.  Generally the Ellen Wille and Gisela Mayer wigs have a thinner density, whilst Rene of Paris, Sentoo and American wig collections will be higher density (more hair/heavier).

Which is best a Human Hair wig or Synthetic wig?

We would recommend synthetic as opposed to human hair too.  Synthetic hair is pre-styled so you take it out of the box, give it a shake and put it on.  Human hair is a different ball game, much more time consuming for the wearer.  Here is an article explaining the differences between human hair and synthetic.

Is it difficult wearing glasses with a wig?

If you are wearing a wig and have to wear spectacles it is really important to have very thin arm frames for your glasses.  Thick arms can be pushed by the wig making the wig and your spectacles uncomfortable to wear – never mind adding a facemask into the equation!

How can you choose the best wig hair colour to suit you?

Think about colour too.  Do you want to replicate your own colour or are you going to create a different image.  We have a colour ring programme here.  Look at all the different colours, you may want a change for those special events.  Even on holiday you can experiment with new colours and see what reaction you get from people you meet for the first time.

What is the best hairstyle for an over 50 year old?

Most ladies over fifty go for the shorter styles.  If you want the classic grey look it is harder to find a long grey wig.  The manufacturers don’t make many longer styles in greys.  Here are a few to view that are available in grey colours.

What is the most comfortable wig to wear?

Comfort is also an important consideration.  Go for a wig with monofilament cap construction.  It is thinner and more realistic than a fully wefted machine made cap.  They are more expensive but well worth the investment.  However monofilament caps are warmer, so if you have the occasional hot flush then a wefted cap is cooler.

Also, ladies over 50 tend to have smaller heads, so make sure you have your head measured before you take the plunge to buy.  The average size of Sentoo wigs are slightly smaller than other manufacturers

Where is the best place to buy wigs?

Buying the right wig can be life changing for you.  It can make you more confident, comfortable whilst in the company of others and is much cheaper than that regular visit to the hairdresser!

However, if you are new to the wonderful world of wigs, don’t buy online!  It will be very frustrating for you.  Online prices are very tempting but if you haven’t tried the style or colour you may be disappointed when your parcel arrives.

Always go to a wig shop and try different styles and colours first.  Once you know what you want, then you should buy online taking advantage of the much cheaper prices.

Here are some links to ideas for you to consider

Link to a selection of short monofilament wigs

Link to a selection of short wefted wigs

Link to wigs available in the sassy pastel colours of blue and pink

Link to wigs available in the gorgeous grey colours Sliverstone and Illumina R

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