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Lets talk about... Postpartum Hairloss

Lets talk about... Postpartum Hairloss

I'll be honest, postpartum hairloss was not something I was prepared for. I'd never heard of it until it happened. My little boy was around 5 months old; we were going to stay with a friend for a weekend for the first time since he was born. This happened to be while I was going through the horrendous shedding stage. Keeping my hair tied back, brushing my hair over the sink, and wearing my bucket hat at every given opportunity. I was so self-concious that my poor friend would be finding my hair for months after the visit.

I noticed how thin my hairline had become and how it totally disappeared towards the temples. How tufts appeared and no matter the effort I always felt...not myself, which I suppose is normal in the early days.

Coping with postpartum hair loss can be challenging but be patient and recognise that postpartum hair loss is usually temporary condition, and in most cases, your hair will gradually return to its normal state. Patience is key during this period. Remember that it's normal to experience postpartum hair loss, and you are not alone in going through this. If you have persistent concerns or if the hair loss is causing significant distress, give yourself that time to seek professional advice, it could provide some reassurance and guidance.

After having a baby especially your first, your life completely shifts. You now have this little person to ALWAYS be prepared and organised for and your “outer” needs become less important. I feel like this is a natural process in motherhood while you figure out how to balance being a mum with all the other things the modern world throws our way. You are learning a new life and if that little person is happy and catered to, the world is good. But let’s also be realistic, how we feel about our appearance, or how we feel other people may perceive us plays a big part in our general well-being. We care about how we look, and for the sake of "being real" it can contribute and sometimes determine how we operate day to day. 

Emotional and mental well-being come first. You are doing an incredible job regardless of how you feel in this moment. Go you! Raise a good person and help them change the world! You put so much love and care into your little one. You make sure their every need is catered to; they are nourished, hydrated, loved and no doubt wearing something adorable - you deserve the same care. By looking after yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically you and everyone around you reap the rewards from your conscious self-love. It is good to feel good in your own skin.

What if I could tell you that there is an easy solution to getting out the door, organised and prepped for the day ahead AND feel good about that amazing woman looking back at you in the mirror! Yes, there's a shift in demands and routine, and your self-care takes a backseat. However, the world of wigs can dramatically help the way you feel walking out of that door, with little effort.

Experiencing hair loss, especially after childbirth is emotionally challenging. We live in a world with a wealth of hairloss solutions. Wigs and hair toppers can be excellent options for managing postpartum hair loss by providing a quick and effective solution to help you feel more confident and comfortable during the regrowth process.

When we started in the world of wigs back in 2014 the advice and information about hairloss, including knowledge on wigs and toppers was not available online like it is now. If you are on a journey with hairloss please take a look at some of the most amazing UK based women arming others with knowledge and understanding on Instagram & YouTube;







Take inspiration from this beautiful online community that is empowering anyone feeling lost on a journey right now.

A great starter piece into the world of wigs we have found to be the Code Mono by Ellen Wille.


This is a low-density piece, meaning you won’t suddenly have all this hair which could feel very unnatural to someone who has been suffering with postpartum thinning.

For an introduction into a high-quality toppers, I would suggest looking at the Top Billing pieces by Raquel Welch, they come in a range of lengths from 18" all the way to 5" long and are heat-friendly fibres as standard giving you the option to style the same way as your bio-hair (no higher than 140 degrees!!).

Top Billing 5" Enhancer Hairpiece By Raquel Welch


On a personal level I would say when it comes to Raquel Welch as a whole, wigs and toppers are amazing! They are beautifully made and versatile pieces. Look at some content we shot with the Upstage in Fiery Copper


The natural movement Raquel Welch pieces offer is just another level!! Plus, her colour range is INSANE! We loan her colour rings out to help choose your perfect shade! Here is how it works.

 And here is a link to our different collection colour rings available to loan from us.


It's important to note that wigs and hair toppers are personal choices, and whether or not you choose to use them is entirely up to your preferences and comfort level. If you are currently going through postpartum hairloss or maybe you remember this stage in becoming a mother, I hope you might send some mental well wishes to those mama's that need some good energy sending their way. You are doing a fantastic job, keep going and keep growing. How lucky is your little one to have won you in the mum lottery!

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