Kaiser Wilhelm Fake Moustache Real Human Hair - Theatrical Grade By Hairaisers

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Kaiser Wilhelm Fake Moustache Real Human Hair - Theatrical Grade By Hairaisers

* Kaiser Wilhelm is made with genuine, healthy human hair(please note grey hair is only available as theatrical grade synthetic hair because grey human hair degrades to yellow very quickly) 
* Each strand of hair is hand tied on to fine Swiss Lace
* The moustache is indistinguishable from a real, naturally growing moustache when fitted correctly.
* The moustache can be cut using sharp scissors to change its appearance if needed

We recommend SPIRIT GUM as the necessary adhesive for applying all facial hair products - this can be found on our "Spirit Gum" page.

1. When you are ready to remove your moustache, gently tug the moustache from one end peeling it off slowly.
2. Keep moving your fingers close to the point where the moustache contacts the skin to avoid tearing the Swiss lace.

* The use of general cleaning agents such as washing up liquid will stain and damage the Swiss lace and the human hair on your moustache.
* Our false moustaches are robust enough to work and move with your skin, yet they are very delicate when it comes to removing them.
* Once removed from its packaging and applied to skin, or adhesive applied you can no longer return a moustache for refund or exchange.

Product Details
Brand: Hairaisers
Collection: Theatrical Moustaches
Hair Type: Human Hair
Product Code: MOUSTACHE-MN
Returns: Returns are not accepted for eyebrows, eyelashes, moustaches, beards or any other facial products for hygiene reasons

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