Dimples Fibre Oil Conditioner 200ml

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Dimples Fibre Oil Conditioner

Dimples fibre oil conditioner has been specially formulated for both Synthetic Wigs & Human Hair Wigs to help keep them supple and maintain their natural appearance.
It also has the benefit of softening hair or fibre to prevent it from becoming dry.
Lightly Spray before combing or brushing to prevent damage and to prolong the life of your piece.

Directions for use

  1. Wash your wig, hairpiece or toupee using Dimples Shampoo
  2. Allow to dry naturally on a suitable wig stand (do not use a polystyrene head).
  3. Lightly spray Dimples Fibre Oil Conditioner on the dry hair or fibre
  4. Brush and style as normal
  5. Never comb or brush a wig that is damp or wet.

For a list of Dimples Wigs recommended for use with this product please click here

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