Did You Know We Now Offer Consultations?

Neil and his wife Bernadette at Northcotes Hair Salon in Chorley have opened their doors to our customers and are offering private consultations in wig education helping you to choose your perfect colour, style and fit!

Check out Neil in action! 

At Valentine Wigs we are often complimented on our compassion and customer service, this is something we are confident the Northcotes team can extend to you too.

The consultations are not based around you buying, they will be educational & fun! You are getting some new hair and that should leave you feeling beautiful, confident and ready to take on the world!

Neil is the fountain of hair & hair-care knowledge, with a lengthy career and wealth of experience he knows all there is to know about hair, helping you find your perfect style/colour & fit.

Becoming a wig wearer is a scary, confusing and upsetting time for most of us and we would like to arm you with all there is to know about wigs, including the best ways to care for them so you can get the most out of each one!

Here is what you can expect from a visit with Neil and his team;

  1. You are offered a private area and can choose between Neil, Bernadette or one of his other female colleagues (if you are not comfortable discussing your condition with a male).
  2. Wig education - all your questions answered like "what the heck is monofilament, hand-tied and wefted?"! "Human Hair or Synthetic Hair - what will be best for me?" Arrrghh !
  3. Wig care guidance - Giving you the tips and tricks to make your wig last.
  4. How to put on a wig or hairpiece.
  5. Measuring for the correct fit.
  6. Looking at colours, and of course trying out a few styles!

Most of all - You are under no obligation to buy!!

This is very different to visiting a wig shop where you will be made to feel obliged to make a purchase.

We hear so many rip off stories, be assured this consultation is an investment and you will feel super confident about making your next purchase. The best news of all is you will be able to buy at internet prices, not wig shop or extortionate hairdresser prices, saving you ££££'s!

If a wig consultation sounds like something you might be interested in just complete and send the wig consultation request form and the bottom of this page and we will give you a call as soon as is possible to book a time and day to suit. Each consultation will last for 1 hour and consultations can be booked Monday - Saturday from 9.00 until 4.00pm with a late night on Thursdays with the last booking at 7.00pm.

The team at Northcotes are wonderful & welcoming so we are very confident that you will leave feeling ready to take on the world of wigs!

Here is a taster of the points that will be covered:

  • How To Measure Your Head
  • Types of Hair and Wigs
  • Cap Constructions
  • How To Care For Your Wig
  • Colour Ring Loan Programme Details
  • Advice On Clips And glue