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At Valentine Wigs we offer a unique service. Send us a lock of your hair and we will colour match against all our suppliers.  We will send you our recommendation of the closest colour descriptions for each of our suppliers. 

This will enable you to make an informed choice when purchasing your next wig piece from Valentine Wigs.

It is always difficult choosing an exact match to the colour you want when you are ordering online for the following reasons:

  • Different manufacturers may have the same name for different colours
  • It is difficult to tell the real colour from a computer screen
  • Colours can be rooted, highlighted, mixtures or just one plain and simple colour

Manufacturers generally work from a numbered colour range. Their descriptions of each colour or mix of colours will try to give you an idea of what to expect.  In general terms the main colours range from 1 - 60, 1 being jet black, 60 being snow white.  The numbers in between are generally represented: 

1 Black
8 Medium Brown
12 Light Brown
16 Blonde
30 Red
56 Light grey
60 White

 Call us to discuss your colour requirements on 01772 620040, email us sales@valentinewigs.co.uk or write to us, enclosing a lock of your hair:

ColourMatch Service
44 Croft Meadow, Bamber Bridge
Preston PR5 8HX

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