Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille THE HAIR-COMPANY GmbH is one of the most prominent and leading designers and manufacturers of hair products. For over 45 years, the company has stood their ground of providing high-end sophisticated and stylish hairpieces, wigs, headwear and many hair accessories for professional retailers as well as both national and international wholesalers.

The company is widely known for manufacturing and distributing high-quality crafted women wigs. They are specially known for providing fashionable wig collections that have the same premium quality workmanship and high-end hair style and cut, whether it is synthetic hair or made from the finest human hair. Ellen Wille THE HAIR COMPANY popularised many high quality ladies wigs and hair accessories such as:

  • Pure! Power - it’s a ladies wig collection of beautiful natural hair made exclusively from finest Remy hair.
  • Raquel Welch URBAN Styles - ladies wig collection inspired and named after famous capital cities. It is a wig collection perfect for fashion-conscious modern women. 
  • Power Pieces - it is a collection of striking hair pieces as well as hair accessories which make styling a lot more fun for you. 
  • Annica Hansen Ladies Wig Collection - modern trend cuts after German TV host Annica Hansen. This is a collection of ladies wigs that will definitely meet the taste of every woman.
  • Hairpower - this is a wig collection perfect for active women as it is designed to make you look great 24/7. 
  • HairMania -  Whatever style and cut you choose, these hair pieces will surely boost your confidence and hide your scalp problems.
  • Perucci -  the Perucci collection is a cheeky, fun and exciting ladies wig collection of vibrant coloured and edgy styles perfect for fashionable young women. 

Apart from human hair ladies wigs, Ellen Wille also manufactures and distributes men’s wigs and toupees. The hair company has its own men’s wig collection, the hairMania. HairMania is a wig and toupee collection for men featuring a very natural and stylish look for the gentlemen.

The company offers a collection of impressive collection of wigs known for modern, chic styles, vibrant shades and colours which feel very natural to the touch. With the use of modern and latest techniques in combination with the newest fashion trends of today, every hair model made by Ellen Wille is personalised and designed to meet the requirements of their esteemed customers. Wigs by Ellen Wille are ideal for any use, whether it is for medical reasons or just as a fashion accessory. All Ellen Wille hair products are distinguished in the market by its high-end quality as well as comfort.

These wigs are expertly designed to be fashionably styles in standards attributed to Ellen Wille Hair Company’s signature and workmanship. Apart from that, each wig undergoes a design process incorporated with the newest developments and innovations which shape each and every one of the company’s collections.

The company is driven by its founder and hair designer Ellen Wille’s passion to maintain their skillful and quality crafted hair products for the benefit and satisfaction of their loyal clients.