September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Nowadays cancer is as common as colds. So much so that it has become the dreaded news when a family member, particularly children are diagnosed. We see their future vanishing. We see pain, suffering, hospital, medicines, and worse—death. It’s heart breaking to see our little angels suffer. Valentine Wigs feel the need to shed awareness through sharing our thoughts…

Most often than not, symptoms of cancer on children are there but not acknowledged. This may be because children are active most of the time. They may not be expressive or they may tell adults, but these are sometimes disregarded and interpreted as child pettiness; which sometimes is normal among children. Thus, when a child is diagnosed with cancer, adults and parents or guardians become overwhelmed. Panic ensues. The stages of rage, denial and finally acceptance of the dreaded fact that is cancer…

However, of the 11,600 or more documented new cases of childhood or pediatric cancer (those affecting 0-14 years) the survival rate has been increasing through the years. In fact, an increase of 75% in the survival rate of children afflicted with the disease has been attained, 50 years ago, 75% of children diagnosed with cancer died, today more than 75% survive:

It is estimated that there are more than 35,000 survivors of childhood cancer alive in the UK. This number is growing by around 1,300 per year. Yes parents, the prognosis for childhood cancer is good. Since it has become as “common” as cold, science took the challenge of battling with this disease. Looking for scientific and sure means to allow children afflicted with cancer to reach productive adulthood has been fruitful. Of course, Science, with all its vast possibilities also has limitations. It’s devastating, I know…

Yet it is thus up to the parents and guardians to be vigilant for the telltale signs of the dreaded big C. Usually, it is the appearance of signs and the degree of symptoms when timely arrest or proper patient management is crucial to a child with cancer.

When a child suffers prolonged fever (those lasting for more than a week), vomiting, bone or muscle pain, persistent cough, enlarging mass in the abdomen, neck, arms and legs and weight loss, parents and guardians should bring the child to the doctor.

But the battle does not end there. The child still has to cope with the limitations the disease brings to his/her life. There is the emotional trauma, the physical limitations and the anguish of why there are things that a child with cancer cannot do which other normal children can. This is where things can get rough. But with medical intervention, all these things can be overcome. There are agencies that help support the growing number of children afflicted with cancer.

As there are advancements in science and technology, the quest for overcoming cancer and helping children who survived from this lead productive adult life, so with the hope that there will come a time when science will provide us with solutions to prevent and circumvent the big C.

So for kids out there feeling down because the big C monster has taken away so much, we’re here – we care, we understand. If you think it’s already the end, your parents don’t. We won’t stop believing in technology. Well at some point you’ll feel like a stranger among others, we feel you. It’s not easy to be unable to play with them, to walk around and just live like others – look normal. Hair loss, hair falling out, getting bald – if we can just spare you from at least this with our range wigs for cancer patients in the children's wigs section, hopefully we can cheer you up! There’s hope.

Let me share with you a little warrior’s experience in battling what she considers “…a horrible monster that kills people, hurts kids…” Her name is Karli and she won the fight with bone cancer…



Our children are our precious gems and to see them battling a war like this just crushes us to bits. The best thing that we can do though is express our love and support – kudos to our brave little warriors from all of us here at Valentine Wigs

For further information go to the Cancer Research UK website which provides lots of information with regards to Children’s cancers, in fact any cancer. It gives lots of information on types, signs and symptons etc and provides a telephone number for contact with a nurse. 

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