Reality seriously bites especially when it’s the Big C that we’re talking about. Sometimes, it can’t even be considered unusual any more but still heart-breaking… still something that we consider a really life-changing havoc in someone’s life. The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We take part of this ‘shout out’ to ask the world that it’s time to care… From our previous posts about cancer awareness, you’ll probably have noticed the commonality of the Big C in whatever way - it’s the abnormality of cells in the body that starts the destruction. These cells stop others from ..
September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Nowadays cancer is as common as colds. So much so that it has become the dreaded news when a family member, particularly children are diagnosed. We see their future vanishing. We see pain, suffering, hospital, medicines, and worse—death. It’s heart breaking to see our little angels suffer. Valentine Wigs feel the need to shed awareness through sharing our thoughts… Most often than not, symptoms of cancer on children are there but not acknowledged. This may be because children are active most of the time. They may not be expressive or they may t..
SEPTEMBER IS ALOPECIA AWARENESS MONTH: The Beautiful Courage Beyond The Struggle
To be inflicted with Alopecia doesn’t mean you’ve become a lesser person. No one should think that you are. Our hair is what defines us and what brings out the beauty within us. Certainly, patients struggling from such disease feel the same. Alopecia Areata is a hair loss condition where the body’s immune system suddenly attacks the hair follicles. This stops hair growth and to the inflicted seems to stop the world too. I can’t blame them from actually feeling secluded from the entire community – from the rest of the world even. That feeling of deprivation from being able to confidently sho..
November Is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month
Let’s Be One in Spreading the Consciousness to the World We love food. Everybody loves to eat, who doesn’t? And yet it’s November and a big part of this month says we have to be Stomach Cancer Conscious and food plays a big factor in being aware of this type of the Big C. The people here at Valentine Wigs apart from our passion for ladies wigs for sale in the UK - if you’ve noticed, dread cancer and we feel that social responsibility in taking part of letting the whole world know that cancer needs to be prevented the soonest that we can. What is it about Stomach Cancer that we have to kn..
With Gisela Mayer’s Ladies Wigs Classic Collection Timeless beauty. We hear this a lot. To look timelessly beautiful according to hair fashion doesn't have to be stressful. Less effort, no stress at all. Ladies Wigs UK that we offer here at Valentine Wigs surely give value to to achieving that natural look that adds beauty and glamour to the wig wearer. Gisela Mayer has always been great at this too! Classic is another word for glamour. It doesn’t mean old or so yesterday. It pertains to elegance actually. Gisela Mayer’s expertise have touched a wide scope in hair fashion especiall..
The ultimate goal of our existence is to lead a life where we feel comfortable in our different zones. Whatever “zone” we strive to prosper, it doesn’t matter. Our degrees of comfort differ. We lead our own lives with different pleasures, joys, weaknesses and anxieties. We favour different types of people. We exist to be different from each other even though we flock to one same interest and idea at times. We are diverse. We are humans. All of us here at Valentine Wigs get that. We always will. There’s beauty in diversity even beyond the battles each of us would fight for. As humans, we str..
Tips in Taking Care of Your Wig Collection

We give ourselves a lovely treat sometimes especially us who love ladies wigs. When there is an addition to our wig collection once in a while, shouldn't we take care of it too? We’ll give you some tips in taking good care of your lovely wig collection because apart from friends, family and relationships, they're for keeps too.  So there'd always be something for you to choose from whenever or whatever the occasion may be.  Let's constantly strive to achieve looking and feeling good!


Counterfeiting these days seem to have become a trend everywhere and, unfortunately, hair fashion and wig selling are no exception to this criminal activity.  We are exposing these fraudulent wig companies around the world wide web by naming them below.  Whilst we understand that everyone has the right to do business both online and offline, all of us are expected to deliver genuine products and honest services.
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Why are Dark-Coloured Ladies’ Wigs Cool?

Choosing a wig colour is a very personal decision and should take some consideration as much as choosing a hairstyle that fits you. If you are new to wigs, you may want to stop by a shop or visit an online store and checkout available colours and styles. Investing in a wig is a fantastic way to try a new colour without harming your natural hair, if you are considering dyeing your hair. The ability to try something different is the beauty of wearing wigs; they give you the chance to change your look without doing it permanently.

IN MAKING A PERFECT CHOICE: Monofilament vs Lace Front Wigs

In some of our previous posts, we have stressed out that to be beautiful and feel good about it is a choice. I’d still say so. Yet while we make that major choice, there would be factors to consider or should we say there are sub beauty choices. And of course, we’re talking about our hair fashion options and what we do about them.

Wigs you say? They’re the perfect solution to hair styling despite hair loss. What type are we comfortable of wearing? Monofilament? Lace Front wigs? Let’s take a look at their differences and find out if we've been making a perfect choice.


The perfect cut and the international trend is necessary to define yourself in style the modern way, the choice has to have that perfect cut that’s according to that beautiful shape of your face. The perception of beautiful today could be one that’s minimalistic. It doesn’t have to be big. It shouldn’t even change you. Remember, our goal here is for that hairstyle to define you.

HAIR FASHION? Celebrities Say It All

But gone are those days where wigs are being used only to cover hair imperfection. Norm changes overtime. Traditions are being altered. Celebrity and fashion models that you look up to will attest and will make you think otherwise when it comes to this piece of powerful fibre that can change your normal look to a fab one. Have you ever wondered how a celebrity can change his or her hairstyle almost every single day? Wigs definitely! Why do you think most of them prefer to wear wigs? It seems fun to go right into the details today! Let’s have a look.



When Hair Solutions Can be in Perfect Style

Valentine Wigs doesn't only provide wigs for the sake of fashion and style, but we are also unstoppable when it comes to providing solutions to hair problems without sacrificing your convenience and most especially your style.


We’re again thrilled to let you all know that we have one of Ellen Wille’s Collection of Human Hair – the Pure!Power Collection. Ellen Wille’s Pure! Power line Human Hair fashion has always been so impressive we couldn't help but be in awe. It just feels right to once again share with you something to add into your choices of achieving that natural glow in you.

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