Rene Of Paris Amore Noriko Hi Fashion Colour Ring

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Rene Of Paris Amore Noriko Hi Fashion Colour Ring

Are you wondering how to choose the right wig colour?   Loan a colour ring now Rene Of Paris, Amore, Noriko, Hi Fashion Colour Ring.  

There are different colour hair wigs to choose from.  You will be able to shop for your favourite colour using Valentine Wigs colour ring loan programme.

Read the Colour Ring Loan Programme details here.

The loan period lasts for ten days.  Should you wish to keep the colour ring? Just keep it past the ten days and we will consider it purchased.

Here are the colours on this ring:

BLONDS Caramel Cream, Chai Cream, Creamy Blond, Frosti Blond, Gold Blond, Harvest Gold, Honey Wheat, Spring Honey, Strawberry Swirl, Sugar Cane, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Lush, Ice Blond

REDS Apricot Frost, Burgundy, Burgundy Rosa, Cayenne Spice, Chestnut, Dark Rust, Garnet Glaze, Ginger Highlight, Cappucino Highl., Rusty Red

BROWNS Almond Rocka, Cappucino, Chocolate Swirl, Chocolate Lava, Coconut Spice, Coffee Latte, Dark Chocolate, Expresso, Ginger Brown, Golden Brown, Java Frost, Light Chocolate, Marble Brown, Marble Brown, Pecan Brown, Toasted Brown, Blueberry Burst, Kahlua Blast, Caramel Brown, Honeycomb Br., Mocha Brown, Cherrywood, Mulberry Brown

GREYS Black Onyx, 38, 39, 51, 56, 60, Midnite Pearl, Platinum Pearl, Sandy Silver, Silver Mink, Silver Stone, Pastel Pink

GRADIENT COLOURS Almond Spice, Champagne, Creamy Toast, Mocha-H, Nutmeg-F, Raisin Glaze-H, Sandal Wood-H, Terracotta-H, Hybrant Root, Auburn Sugar-R, Banana Split Lr, Burnt Sienna-R, Butter Pecan-R, Choc Frost-R, Copper Glaze-R, Creamy Toffee-R, Crimson Lr, Iced Mocha-R, Irish Spice-R, Macadamia Lr, Maple Sugar-R, Mochacinno-R, Marble Brown-Lr, Spring Honey-R, Illumina-R, Plumberry Jam-Lr, Razberry Ice-R, Pastel Blue-R, Rose Gold-R, Bubblegum-R, Melted Marshma., Melted Sunset,

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