Hairware Natural Collection Colour Ring

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Hairware Natural Collection Colour Ring

Are you wondering how to choose the right wig colour?   Loan a colour ring now Hairware Natural Collection Colour Ring.  

There are different colour hair wigs to choose from.  You will be able to shop for your favourite colour using Valentine Wigs colour ring loan programme.

Read the Colour Ring Loan Programme details here.

The loan period lasts for ten days.  Should you wish to keep the colour ring? Just keep it past the ten days and we will consider it purchased.

Here are the colours on this ring:

Vanilla Butter
Ginger Cream
Almond Breeze
Mocha Frost
Cinnamon Raisin
Choc. Caramel
Lighter Red
Dark Red
Medium Grey
Light Blond
Medium Blond
Dark Blond
Light Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
Light Grey
Dark Grey
Creamed Coffee
Toasted Sesame
Amaretto & Cream
Golden Nutmeg
Sparkling Champagne
Chocolate Cherry

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Brand: Hairware