Gift Bag By Ellen Wille, Shampoo, Conditioner & Balm

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Gift Bag By Ellen Wille, Shampoo, Conditioner & Balm



Use Synthetic Hair Shampoo before balm treatment and conditioner spray.

Add a splash of shampoo into one litre of lukewarm water.

Place your wig or hairpiece into the water solution for ten minutes.  This shampoo has active ingredients, it is a self cleansing solution so no friction is required.  Just gently swish the wig occasionally.

Remove the piece and rinse twice in clear lukewarm water before allowing to dry naturally on a towel or suitable wig stand (do not use a polystyrene head).

Treat your piece to balm and conditioner before wearing again.  This will assist in lengthening the life of your wig.

Never comb or brush a wig that is damp or wet.


Use Synthetic Hair Balm between shampooing and conditioner treatment. 

Firstly add a splash of balm to a bowl of lukewarm water, then place wig or hairpiece in the water for 10 minutes before gently rinsing.

Allow the wig or hairpiece to dry naturally on a towel or wig stand.  

Never brush or comb a wig whilst wet or damp.


Protect your fibre wig from the daily environment.  This spray conditioner works as a safety layer that will assist in lengthening the life of your wig or hairpiece.

Use Synthetic Hair Conditioner after both shampooing and balm treatment. 

Spray evenly from a distance of  20 – 30cm on to dry hair.

Then either brush or finger the hair into place.

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